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Thanks for visiting Lucky in Love!

Have fun checking out my site – you’ll find info on our Hen Parties (Bachelorette Parties/Bridal Showers), Lucky Dip naughty but nice Adult Gifts & Natural Fragranced Candles!

This blog has morphed into my little haven where I can share my heartwarming musings of hope, humility & humour on my path to being lucky in love with my Surf God dream guy. Since my I started this blog I've been doing alot of eating, praying & ‘self-help’ reading – plus my gorgeous friends have constantly sent me encouraging links. And the insights they’ve provided seemed too special to keep to myself. So if you’ve got a little time – indulge in some sentimental goodness – I hope my musings will warm your heart.

For those of you gorgeous girls who are already lucky in love & about to start your lifelong adventure with your Mr Big – you’ll need a Hen Party to see your single girl heydeys off in style…Sex and the City style that is! – so if you live in Auckland check out our Hen Parties page!

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lotsa luv,
Kimberly x
Jul 26 '14

Keep calm and hire a wedding planner

Keep calm and hire a wedding planner




As you know my career is event co-ordination and party planning. So I thought it would be a cake walk planning my own wedding. But even for someone with a high level of corporate skills – don’t be fooled – planning your own wedding is a highly charged emotional rollercoaster! The sensible thing to do is to hire a wedding planner. I believe they can be hired for minimal charge nowadays…

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Jul 22 '14

You’re terrible Muriel

You’re terrible Muriel

Remember Muriel’s Wedding? Skip to about 3minutes into this clip – it’s hilarious!

I found myself sitting in front of the tv the other night watching the first half hour of this movie that made Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths stars, before I remembered there was a lot more misery before Muriel’s wedding and had to walk away. If…

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Jul 17 '14

Celebrity Weddings | Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Celebrity Weddings | Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson



While I was waiting to pay for my gas yesterday I noticed a womens mag with the Jessica Simpson wedding on the cover. I never actually buy womens mags, but I can’t help myself from being glued to them when I’m waiting in a queue or at the doctors office!

Even though I wasn’t tempted to buy the mag, the wedding photo on the cover looked so beautiful I had to blog about it. When I was…

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Jul 12 '14

Movies can make a marriage better

Movies can make a marriage better

Reading an old copy of Good Health yesterday I came across this little article…

Forget intimate dinners – sitting down to a ‘chick flick’ together could be the key to a lasting relationship.

A recent study found that newlyweds who watched and later discussed five romantic movies a month halved their risk of splitting up after three…

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Jul 9 '14

Certain days begin beneath a blanket…

Certain days begin beneath a blanket…

During these cold, blustery days we need a good girlie story…
(zoom in to read, it’s worth it!)



















Thanks to the lovely ladies at Angela Daniel Jewellery for providing me with the artwork for this fabulous ad.
If you haven’t already, visit their beautiful showrooms to see their stunning collection of engagement rings.

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Jul 6 '14

Live life & love to the fullest

Live life & love to the fullest

loveheart angel wings



I had another sad reminder last week to live life and love to the fullest.

My friend who committed suicide was born on the 4th of July – so even though it’s been 9 years since she took her life to be with her husband, who had done the same thing seven years previous, I always send her my thoughts and console myself with the knowledge that she is with her one true love, out there…

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Jun 29 '14

Choosing your celebrant




When My Darling and I were choosing a celebrant the most important thing to us was getting the right fit with our personalities – someone professional, yet relaxed enough to make our day fun and memorable.

We only managed to find a few in our town that were available on our date so we made appointments to meet them in person. Luckily the first one we met ticked all our boxes – she had…

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Jun 25 '14

Are unicorns real?

While I was trying to find that NZ movie marriage proposal I came across this and had to share it!

It is magic!

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Jun 18 '14

Making the Movies Jealous | wedding proposal

Making the Movies Jealous | wedding proposal

If you guys missed this one when it originally happened, here it is again. Since then this gorgeous couple have been featured on Ellen, CNN and their romance has been catalogued on youtube for us all to enjoy!

There was a homegrown version recently on Cadbury Dream Factory – the tv show which brings Kiwi’s dreams to life, but I…

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Jun 14 '14

How to be a magnificent wedding MC

How to be a magnificent wedding MC




We were lucky – My Darling and I had the most magnificent MC. He may have forgotten about the pre-wedding planning session and kept joking about forgetting what day the wedding was – but our good friend went above and beyond on the day bigging me up and said how nice My Darling was, as well as keeping the guest amused and the show running without a hitch.

Here is a rough format…

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